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This website is meant for all credit for words in Canada. The use of this website is a subject matter of following some terms and conditions detail here below. If you keep using this website for loan application and acquisition we assume that you are agreed with our terms and conditions. If not then leave the site immediately.

Minors not allowed

This website is supposed to be used by adult Canadians. If you are a person below 18, please don’t use this website and leave immediately. We will not store the data of minors.

The accuracy of the information

We know that knowledge is power. Only and knowledgeable person can understand the basics of different loan products and choose the right one for him or her. that is why we always try to provide the latest information about different loan products and services.

However, we strongly advise you to verify the legitimacy of information before signing a loan deal with the credit lender. We cannot help liable in any way for the damages caused by the use of outdated information.

Registration on our website

When you take a decision to get started with us and submit your request for the loan you need to register on our website by providing some information in an online application form. The registration process on our website is simple and straightforward.

We appeal you to keep your login details safe and private. Always change the password of your account to protect the information stored in it.

Links to third party websites

While browsing our website you may find links to third party sites. We provide third party links to our site so that you can easily find a suitable financial deal for meeting your needs. Always keep in mind that we don’t the privacy and terms of use of third party websites.

That is why you should be courses while visiting third party websites. We can’t be held responsible for any loss experienced by you while visiting third-party sites.

Copyright Notice

The content, design, images, and all other stuff available on this website is protected by the copyright laws applicable in Canada. Therefore the site visitors are allowed to use the website information for personal benefits only.

You can use this website for loan application and acquisition, ask for the detailed knowledge about a particular loan product or generate a query you have. You are not allowed to copy or alter the method use of this website in any way and use our stuff for a commercial purpose.

It is strictly prohibited. If you break the copyright laws we will follow you legally and ask for the compensation amount the damages caused by you.

Sudden modification in terms of use

We reserve our right to make certain changes in the terms of use. Please keep visiting the website to keep you acquainted with the terms of use and use the site accordingly.

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