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The privacy of data is very important in today’s highly digital life where people use the global internet for different purposes. To avail a loan, individuals have to give the details of their employment, the proof of identification, address proof bank account details etc. to credit lenders.

They want the security of such highly sensitive details at all costs. As a reliable credit referral agency, we give great importance to the privacy of customer’s data. So, before using this website, you need to study our privacy policy. The continued use of this website let us feel that you agree with the privacy policy. If not then leave the site immediately.

The site security status

This website is completely safe for use. We have attached HTTPS protection technology to protect the flow of information on this website. All your information is stored on the side’s server and is free from any kind of unauthorised access.

We also conduct precise security audit from time to time to explore the possible security loopholes and fix them immediately. So you can use this website for loan application and acquisition without having any security fear in mind.

The collection of personal and non-personal information of borrowers

When you get started with us and submit your application for loan application and acquisition we collect your personal and non-personal information. The information collection process is autonomous.

The use of collected information

The which year the collected information to a panel of lender so that they can process your application verified the details provided by you and offer you the loan product as per your current financial condition and repayment potential.

We also use the collected information to introduce you to loan products and services that you may find very useful in the future. Always keep in mind that we never share your details with unauthorised third parties for our benefits.

You must always remember that we will have no option but to share your information with the law enforcement agency if the demand your details in the cases of financial frauds and embezzlement. So don’t provide us with inaccurate information or try to play with us that are against the law of the land.

Your responsibility as a Credit borrower

You are also responsible for the privacy of your data we request you not to share your information with anyone. Because this will lead to the compromise of your account and you will face the subsequent loss.

Modification in the privacy policy

We reserve our right to change this privacy policy at any time without giving any prior notice to anyone. Therefore we appeal you to visit Payday Town regularly to keep yourself up to date with our privacy policy and use decide accordingly for loan application and acquisition in an easy and effortless manner.


We always tried to satisfy all our clients and customer with our created referral service as far as possible. That is why we use modern technology is while communicating with credit borrowers.

The use of cookies is one of them As a matter of fact, cookies are small files that are sent on your computer to know your identity collect the required data for loan processing introduce you knew loan products and services verify your communication with us and help you get the right financial ad that is suitable for your needs. Cookies are not harmful in any way.

If you don’t like the delivery of cookies you can disable them using your browser. In such cases, you will not be able to access some of our services. However, the core services of the site will remain available to you as usual.

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